Doctree node classes added by Sphinx

Nodes for domain-specific object descriptions

class sphinx.addnodes.desc(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for object descriptions.

This node is similar to a “definition list” with one definition. It contains one or more desc_signature and a desc_content.

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_signature(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for object signatures.

The “term” part of the custom Sphinx definition list.

As default the signature is a single line signature, but set is_multiline = True to describe a multi-line signature. In that case all child nodes must be desc_signature_line nodes.

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_signature_line(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for a line in a multi-line object signatures.

It should only be used in a desc_signature with is_multiline set. Set add_permalink = True for the line that should get the permalink.

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_addname(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for additional name parts (module name, class name).

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_type(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for return types or object type names.

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_returns(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for a “returns” annotation (a la -> in Python).

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_name(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for the main object name.

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_parameterlist(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for a general parameter list.

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_parameter(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for a single parameter.

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_optional(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for marking optional parts of the parameter list.

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_annotation(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for signature annotations (not Python 3-style annotations).

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_content(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for object description content.

This is the “definition” part of the custom Sphinx definition list.

New admonition-like constructs

class sphinx.addnodes.versionmodified(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for version change entries.

Currently used for “versionadded”, “versionchanged” and “deprecated” directives.

class sphinx.addnodes.seealso(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Custom “see also” admonition.

Other paragraph-level nodes

class sphinx.addnodes.compact_paragraph(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for a compact paragraph (which never makes a <p> node).

New inline nodes

class sphinx.addnodes.index(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for index entries.

This node is created by the index directive and has one attribute, entries. Its value is a list of 5-tuples of (entrytype, entryname, target, ignored, key).

entrytype is one of “single”, “pair”, “double”, “triple”.

key is categorization characters (usually a single character) for general index page. For the details of this, please see also: glossary and issue #2320.

class sphinx.addnodes.pending_xref(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for cross-references that cannot be resolved without complete information about all documents.

These nodes are resolved before writing output, in BuildEnvironment.resolve_references.

class sphinx.addnodes.literal_emphasis(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node that behaves like emphasis, but further text processors are not applied (e.g. smartypants for HTML output).

class sphinx.addnodes.abbreviation(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for abbreviations with explanations.

class sphinx.addnodes.download_reference(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for download references, similar to pending_xref.

Special nodes

class sphinx.addnodes.only(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for “only” directives (conditional inclusion based on tags).

class sphinx.addnodes.meta(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for meta directive – same as docutils’ standard meta node, but pickleable.

class sphinx.addnodes.highlightlang(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Inserted to set the highlight language and line number options for subsequent code blocks.

You should not need to generate the nodes below in extensions.

class sphinx.addnodes.glossary(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node to insert a glossary.

class sphinx.addnodes.toctree(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for inserting a “TOC tree”.

class sphinx.addnodes.start_of_file(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node to mark start of a new file, used in the LaTeX builder only.

class sphinx.addnodes.productionlist(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for grammar production lists.

Contains production nodes.

class sphinx.addnodes.production(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[源代码]

Node for a single grammar production rule.